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MusclePix is a privately owned and operated business based out of Denver Colorado.

MusclePix Bio:
"I have had a love for photography ever since I was in High School. When I started out as a photographer it was in the age of film and dark rooms. Photography was a lot of work and that wasn’t even that long ago. The photography I captured at that time on my Ricoh KR-5 III can be seen in the 35mm collection. At the time I focused more on architecture, nature and animals as I didn’t really like working with human models, not even my friends or family. Then in time film became pretty expensive and I ended up using a digital camera for everyday use. That ended up being all I used. Finally I took my tax return and invested in a high quality digital camera so I could get back into real photography. I purchased "Chuck" my professional quality Nikon. Shortly after this I was asked to do some work for an art show focusing on the male nude. So I started working with some models and found that I really enjoyed it. A little while after this I began to do photography for a men’s underwear website. From there my experience with models and photography has taken me on an amazing journey. I am ecstatic about the path MusclePix has taken and am even more excited about the future of this labor of love. Thank you for considering MusclePix for all you Photography and Model needs."

MusclePix Owner / Photographer / Entertainment Director
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Studios in Denver and Colorado Springs

Business Mailing Address:
MusclePix LLC
2524 Colorado Ave#205
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

719-237-7535 (Call or Text)
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